While sonic excellence is always our goal, client comfort always comes first. At DG’s we realize that the best engineers and equipment are worthless if an artist is not comfortable and secure in their performance.

Our highly experienced engineers specialize in keeping the artist chilled out but as creative as possible, which is what creating world class recordings is all about – just ask our clients.

Big thanks for your work and help in setting up THE BROKEN HILLBILLIES at DGS. We all loved the studio and I will be back with more recording projects before I depart Australia in October. Julien Poulson (The broken Hillbillies, The Cambodian Space Project)

James Poulson - Band Leader and Founder

We love the sound of that main room at Damien Gerard, so things are looking pretty good already for our tenth studio album.

Hoodoo Gurus
Hoodoo Gurus

Hi Marshall, Great day yesterday! We had a very productive session and got a lot done. Andrew was a breeze to work with. The room and space is just very conducive to getting stuff done

Paul Berwick’s Magnetic Quartet
Band Leader & Song Writer

We were extremely happy with todays session. Thankyou for making it happen.

Taj Farrant

I think it holds true that some places just have an energy in them. I can’t define what it is, a certain sound or feeling in the room perhaps. It’s got that feeling here, and it did at the old DG’s too. Some studios just work, others may look perfect on paper but they just don’t have the thing.

Rick Grossman
Divinyls, Hoodoo Gurus

I could live here, I love everything about it and working with Andrew, even my chihuahua loves it. Can’t wait to come back.

Laura T Davis

Just wanted to say that the weekend recording went extremely well. The studio was wonderful and our two engineers, Pete and Dave were well above and beyond what we were expecting. Their efficiency and intuitiveness and all round good humour helped us achieve the perfect result. Both were always accommodating and fast to respond to ideas etc. Thank you so much for making the experience one of the most personally fulfilling experiences of our careers.

Maxine Kauter Band

Re Mastering, it sounds great on everything. William has done a fantastic job, Thankyou

Todd Hunter

The mastering that Andrew has done has made a massive difference compared to our home studio attempt.

Daniel Dawes

Fantastic space. Being able to all set up at once, in our own worlds, play live and not worry about spill, every part usable has been wonderful.

Ian Haug
The Church

We had a great day tracking! Thanks heaps mate, really enjoyed working with Andy, good fun and real efficient, great space too guys.

Anna Weatherup

A really nice vibe in this place. Fantastic gear and really good sound.

View video of Luke's review >

Luke Escombe

For my solo work I needed somewhere comfortable and creative, after a vocal session for the Aeriel Maps I realized this was the right space so I came back for my own EP.

Alannah Russack
Hummingbirds, Aeriel Maps

I’ve been loving working with Andrew – The integrity of his recordings of my Nylon String guitar is very true. Andrew hears the instrument for what it is.

Gareth Koch

Just wanted to follow up on our recording on the weekend with Russell and just say thanks to both of you. We had a pretty productive time and managed to get a pretty solid 5 songs together in the day and a bit - and it didn't cost too much which helped!


Thanks for the good rates at the studio. The recording turned out well, and the boys were really happy with it. Russell was great to work with as always, So please pass that on. Hope to bring another project in soon.


I love your ELA M251 –its so ‘Creamy’ really suits my voice. The whole space has a welcoming positive feel and Andrew is fantastic.

Steve Kilbey
The Church

Thanks Marshall...had a blast!

The Fields Project – Troy Hendersen
Band Leader

We had a ball at the new DGs, and thanks for spreading the word.

Marcus Fraser
Star Crazy

The first song we recorded at DG’s was Bone Boiler, a 2 min pop/punk song with acoustics, that still gets compared to B52’s today.Then we did an EP, which got played on FBI, then we did our debut album, plenty of airplay on community stations for that and we keep coming back cause it just works so well.

Michael Aiken
Feicks Device

Having worked a lot at the Balmain Studios I must admit I was a little nervous driving up the freeway to the big new place, but I needn’t have worried, the same warm and inviting feel is still there, Andrew is a master at what he does and I think my new single recorded and mixed at Grieve Road is my best work to date.

Lily Duval

Thank you Russell for your expertise, tolerance, and forbearance on the Birdman sessions. I was greatly impressed with your work.

Nuruddin (Chris) Masuak
Radio Birdman

Excellent recordings done there, with bands I have played with Sonorcast, John citizen. Russel Pilling, your the man.

Tommy Ivanoski

And as per usual, Russell is doing a sterling and superb job. He is and has always has been the consummate professional, courteous and great to work with!

Mick O’Shea
Drums(Rose Tattoo, Bitzer, Lucy De Soto and many more)

Thanks again for yesterday, the session was great and the studio is awesome! Andrew was an absolute legend and we worked really well together.


Our very first thing we did at DG’s was finishing a recording we had started In an old bomb shelter in Berlin. We were very impressed and came back to track direct to Tape and it was great to be able to work with a live feel, much more authentic.

Big White

Great facility, cant believe it's on the coast. You will be seeing much more of me.

Andy Clockwise

Damien Gerard Studios is one of the best recording facilities in Sydney, with an absolutely topnotch crew to back it up...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Mike Merkley

I would recommend this studio to anyone. The band I am in had our first recording experience ever at this studio when we were barely 14 years old and it was an incredibly enjoyable experience for us and the final product was incredible!

Robbie Jeffrey

Just a bit of info about the unsung heroes of the recording. Our engineer Russell Pilling has worked with Hoodoo Gurus, Yothu Yindi, The Vines, The Church and Jon Stevens. Amazing credentials! Our upcoming mastering will be done by Andrew Beck who has mastered albums by Paul Kelly and Kate Miller-Heidke.

Avenue Nine

In the early days for me it was like a refuge, it was the only place you could go to learn how to be creative in the studio, once you were in there , you just wanted to stay, experimenting sometimes until 4am. Then just recently I did an album here. Nothings changed as far as the vibe, The workflow has just always been a free highway at DG’s. The essence was and still is where bad boys who couldn’t quite afford to go to proper school l so they came to this place.

Steve Balbi

We booked an Air BnB at Avoca Beach, up on the hill overlooking the sea. There was enough bedrooms for the whole band. Amazing views of the ocean from the many decks. Each morning we would walk the 10 mins down to the beach for a swim and then find brunch at one of the many surfside cafes. Arriving at the studio each day around 12pm with everything already set up and ready to go was such a joy and a boon to pure creativity. Being able to chill and play all day, then leave everything set and go back to the house, have some food and drinks and listen back to the days work, then do it all again the next day was really conducive both to creativity and to productivity. We got so many more new ideas down than expected and will be back to do more for sure.

Tim Powles
The Church

We got the files and they were just perfect and exactly what we were looking for. I can't thank you enough.

Val Garay
Producer, Engineer - The Barn Studio, Los Angeles CA

Fond memories of Damien Gerard's

Peter Rich
Manager for Marcia Hines

I can't speak highly enough of Andrew. He was so good to work with, so professional and quick and fun. This was a moment for me to remember today...re-visiting that old stuff. Thanks for making it possible...we achieved some good results.

Mark Narkowicz
The Fish John West Reject, Melbourne

Thanks for your help in the morning. Went really smoothly, it was a very hard day but a good one. Got everything we needed! Can't wait to book in the next one.

Othrship – Henry Manuell
Director, Timebender Music

We really appreciated how Andrew not only nailed our brief and comments, but did it so promptly.

Ric Lynam

This is just magic. I can’t believe this place is here in this beautiful part of your country. It's perfect for what we need.

Jeffrey Cain
The Church

Thanks so much for such a great recording yesterday. I was amazed how much we were able to get done in such a short amount of time. I've never before recorded with a studio engineer who really knows their shit (or a band that knows what they're doing for that matter). The relaxed vibe made the whole thing pretty much completely stress free and easy. So thanks man - in a very real way your expertise will help us take things up a notch.

The Nancy Vandals, Sydney

Recorded there once in the mid 80s with a band called Two Bob Watch. Cool to see they're still going. Bringing my next work to you. Best in show guys!

Keith Newman

Russell has done it again! We can't believe how good this guy and the studio is. See you for the entire album very soon.

Jay Hazmat

Yes got them back, the masters by Andrew were great, he was very professional, accommodating and flexible. The difference to the tracks is huge!

Ex Batrider