Re-Mote Amp & Tape

With the ease of online file transport we are now able to offer Re-Amplification and Tape Based services to anyone in the world.

For example if your home recording of an electric guitar or bass is just not sitting right and not sounding ‘real’ enough, just send that single track to us as a WAV file (the default workstation file used by pro tools, logic, etc) and we can fire it up through one of our many Guitar Amps (see our backline list), Mic it up with a wonderful old Neumann or Ribbon Studio Mic in our Live Room and its just as if you played the part through this set up all along!! We can even run a close mic and a room mic and send you back both tracks, then all you have to do is drop it back into your session at home. 

We can even do much the same thing to create amazing unique drum sounds by sending your drum tracks through our classic Klipsch KSM live studio pa system So its just as if someone is playing drums in our drum room and then we run some close and room mics and send you back multiple tracks to layer in as you require.

Because we still love 2” analog tape as well as digital, our 1985 Sony MCI JH24 2” machine is always looking for some work to do and we have had excellent results from running clients tracks recorded elsewhere onto tape and back off into Pro Tools if they want that classic analog tape sound. For example by using Ampex 456 tape we can create that 70’s sound with just a little bit of audible tape hiss or we can use the latest tape formulations EMG 900 Which is high level no noise tape and gives that sought after warmth and tape saturation which so many plugins try to emulate but theres nothing like the real thing.

We can run an entire project (up to 24 tracks) or just individual tracks such as drums and bass. These parts tend to benefit most from the ‘tape’ sound.

Of course if you have any 2” tape of your own we have a full baking and transfer service to get those old gems onto digital format so they are never lost.

If you would like further details of any these ‘reamp’ or tape services please Contact us ….




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