Damien Gerard Studios offers both a basic and a premium service for mastering. The basic being the in house Red Stairs mastering suite, and the premium high end suite of William Bowden. Both of which pass the "Mastered for iTunes" certification


After many years at Festival Studios(Rip) and a brief stint using the DG's control room the legendary 'Golden Ears' of Grammy Award winning mastering engineer William Bowden now reside in his state of the art mastering room in Launceston, Tasmania. The room has been designed and hand built from the ground up by Will and others from the legendary Festival Studio Facility. It features some of the classic gear from those days as well as the latest in digital and analog processing.

 William received a Grammy Award for mastering the Gotye Album "Making Mirrors" which contains the song "Somebody That I Used To Know" in 2013.

 William uses a combination of analog and digital, old and new equipment including

  • Fairman Equalisers and Limiters
  • Weis , Z Sys,  Dangerous
  • Cranesong 
  • an original EMI TG Console,
  • Manley,
  • Millenium Media,
  • Sequoia
  • Avalon
  • TubeTech Multiband Tube Compression and much more.

With Genelec, Velodyne, JBL and Yamaha monitoring systems William is able to fine tune each project to incredible quality whether it be a MFIT  or DDP Master or, as is becoming popular again, a master specifically tuned for VINYL pressing.

With over twenty five years experience at tweaking everything from vinyl lathes to high tech digital systems, William's range of clients includes a diverse list such as Gotye, Lanie lane, Kylie Minogue, The Living End and many more, as well as Classical, Urban and Jazz products.



As part of the Balmain facility it is an Excelent alternative option for quick and cost effective mastering. Featuring The talents of ex Los Angeles Engineer Andrew Beck the room features:

Pro Tools HD, a full analog mastering chain including

  • Obsidian,
  • SSL,
  • Amek,
  • UA and
  • SPL,

Recent sessions have included Paul Kelly(A-Z), End Of Fashion and Kate Miller Heidke to name a few.



We now offer a service catering directly to the EDM genre, including Single or multi track mastering.


  • Direct integration with Soundcraft 2400 mixing board (as used by the eurythmics)
  • Mixdown service for composed tracks
  • Vocal tracking
  • Event Opal + Yamaha NS10 monitoring system
  • Recording to analogue tape


 Prices available upon request. Please contact us on 0416 143030 or alternatively contact us




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