Studio News October 2017


Message From The Boss

Live Tour Management/Front of House shows for October saw some shows for the mighty Hoodoo Gurus in Burnie Tasmania with a rocking L Acoustics system followed up by A Day on The Green out at Mudgee with the new JPJ JBL Vertec and my oh my has that Line Array improved drastically. No more gnarly 2.5 k and 630hz, the crossover points have had a radical re work as have the horns and its Flat as a tack outdoors, loved it. Everyone else on the bill The Baby Animals, Models, Jebediah and Alex Lloyd all sounded fantastic as well, live Pa Boxes are just getting better and better to be sure.

Marshall Cullen ~ Director

Summer Specials

Well theres a whole range of specials for the summer break, from intro deals for new bands to mixing mastering deals, 2 for 1 deals, album deals and so on ...the best thing is to contact Marshall and ask about them - 0416 143030 or the email below.

Let us know asap so you don't miss out. email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or simply reply to this email.


Session Highlights

There was no let up on sessions through October and Russ has been loving having weekdays to get some detailed mixing done for folks that may have to do their 'real job' (haha) and he sends the mixes across at the end of each day- Highlights have included - Medusas Wake(Tracking),Enticer(Drum Edits). Murray Darling(Tracking and Mixing,), Cody Munro Moore (tracking), Ariane Campbell (Tracking), Rick Grossman(Divinyls, Hoodoo Gurus)producing a new Sydney Female Singer),Mezcaltones (new album tracking), andToadvine (tracking and mixing.)

Rusty's Tip Of The Week - Plugins

Now don't get me wrong , i love plugins and use them extensively when mixing, even though i run back through an analog board as well. But it's important to understand the nature of them as well. The first most important thing is that they are obviously in the digital realm so unlike their analog originals they DO NOT like to be overloaded. The second and very important tip for is that just inserting them on a 'track' will not affect your input path into PT at all. So don't think you are running 'through' a compressor before the signal hits PT - if you have inserted on the recording track its only on the output. To record 'through' a plugin you need to run an AUX which the input hits first and put the plug across that. Of course having some REAL outboard as well really helps....
My Current Favourites are Abbey Road TG Channel, J37 Tape Simulator,SSL4000, Reel ADT, API550EQ, Neve Sheps73 , LoAir, plus Slate Trigger, Autotune, the funky soundtoys stuff and the Bomb Factory bundle. See

Mastering and Red Stairs HIghlights

Andrew Beck has been busy with final mastering for - Throwing Shapes(WA- 2 x EP's)), Love Drunk Hearts(single), Yhan Leal(Album), Murray Darling(single), New Lovers(single), Toadvine(single), Vilette (single)and Big White(album, vinyl eq's).
King Willy Bowden is head down for the end of year lead up with his Hi End Masters for Ball Park Music, Donny Benet, Tina Harrod, Haiku Hands, John Williamson, Graham Connors,  Verge Collection(WA), Zefereli and more

Peter Holz has been hosting all manner of sessions for the likes of Samantha Jade (pic) featuring  a rare well lit glimpse of his famous mustard coloured theatre curtain(ex Festival Studios-ed) in his vocal booth, along with others such as Jordan Ellery, Aaron Beri and Joel Leffler.

For any Mastering Bookings just reply to this email or use  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Backline and Instruments

As well as the new in house kit theres a bunch of NEW amps, synths and guitars available for sessions as well.
the list here

For ALL Studio and Mastering bookings and Enquiries  contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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