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Message From The Boss

Live Tour Management/Front of House shows in September saw a couple of great one off's. Firstly with The Divinyls 3 original members Rick Grossman, Mark Mcentee and Richard Harveyjoined onstage by Izzi and Jack from The Preatures to pay homage to the tunes at the closing night of the Perth Fashion Festival. Izzi did the vocals proud and it was so good hearing the tunes live once again.The following biggy was the mighty Ball Park Music(pic) playing to their home crowd headlining the Beer N Cider Fest at Brisbane Showgrounds.Naturally the punters sang every song and at times i was having trouble working out exactly where all the vocal level was coming from!! Finally as i am sure you know one of the great inspirations has gone- so i just gotta say -  RIP Tom Petty - and i can highly recommend the Doco on Netflix - well worth the 3 hours.
Marshall Cullen ~ Director

Two for One Deals are back
After a very busy time of constant lock outs we have some gaps coming up so we can help out newsletter subscribers only with the ever popular 2 for 1 deals.
There's only a few spots here and there in October/November so be quick.

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Session Highlights

The Mighty Rusty(pic) has been mixing like a demon most of the month with artists such as
Yhan Leal (Album), Hoodoo Gurus(live materiel), Shayana Band(Tas-Album), Adam Jones(Album)

Other sessions have included Rose Carleo Band(Tracking and mixing), Love Drunk Hearts (Tracking), Medusas Wake(Transfers), Enticer(Drum Edits), The Kids(vocal edits). Larry Leach(Transfers)

Tip Of The Week - Documentation

This one just came up recently and the band shall remain nameless but it highlights a very important point - proper documentation .Now this was a key job in the days of tape based recording and it was often the "Tape Op' or Studio assistant's job to Log Everything on track sheets and most importantly the artist and session on the tape reel and box itself. We were booked for a bake and transfer of some 2", the band brought in a Reel and Box which was completely unmarked! Russ "Are you guys sure this is your tape?' Band "Absolutely, we've been carrying this around from house to house since 1980, its our 9 song album which we never had time to mix, but now we do."
1 week later after baking Russ pops it on the MCI - "hmm - its 30ips - and theres only 2 songs!!" (it would need to be 15ips to fit 9 songs)- He calls them"ah guys....?" Band"OH, well er um...can you play us these 2 songs over speaker phone so we know which ones they are-must be the singles....?Russ"Sure you go..."
Band"long silence ....Oh, Oh F###%%% - THATS NOT US!!!"

Now days even in the digital world proper file management, labelling of HD's, naming files and folders correctly is crucial so go to it!

Mastering and Red Stairs HIghlights

Andrew Beck's recent master of Yhan Leal's 'Up On The Mountain' single was premiered on Triple J earlier this week

 Triple j radio premiere: 

King Willy Bowden is busy as ever with the end of year lead up and has been tweaking his dials for John Williamson, The Sheyana Band(album), Perth Legends The Stems (Remaster), Fanny Lumsden(topping the Country Charts) and Winston Surfshirt 

Peter Holz has been busy recording a fabulous session with Living Guitar Legend Tommy Emmanuel(pic), as well as People Watching People and with more work forAaron Beri and Joel Leffler(with his new single Auburn Hair recently added to Mood Media),

For any Mastering Bookings just reply to this email or use  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Backline and Instruments

As well as the new in house kit theres a bunch of NEW amps, synths and guitars available for sessions as well.
the list here

For ALL Studio and Mastering bookings and Enquiries  contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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