Rusty Tip of The Week #11 -Plugins

Rusty's Tip of the Week - The Truth About Plugins

Now don't get me wrong , i love plugins and use them extensively when mixing, even though i run back through an analog board as well. But it's important to understand the nature of them as well. The first most important thing is that they are obviously in the digital realm so unlike their analog originals they DO NOT like to be overloaded. The second and very important tip for is that just inserting them on a 'track' will not affect your input path into PT at all. So don't think you are running 'through' a compressor before the signal hits PT - if you have inserted on the recording track its only on the output. To record 'through' a plugin you need to run an AUX which the input hits first and put the plug across that.
My Current Favourites are Waves  SSL4000, Reel ADT, API550EQ, Neve Sheps73 , LoAir, plus Slate Trigger, Autotune and the usual Bomb Factory bundle.


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