Studio Happenings Update

Be My Guru

Not to waste a good opportunity the Mighty Hoodoo Gurus pre production for their 'Be My Guru' Splendour show (featuring the return of the Stoneage Romeo's Rhythm Section James Baker and Cylde Bramely) turned into some new recordings for limited edition vinyl as well.The full 6 piece even reworked Lelani with the 2 drum kits.

A full month of sessions

With the mighty Russ Pilling back from his well earned rest sessions have returned to the normal frenetic pace.Andrew Beck covered with some great sessions in the gap with Josh Clark's new band , Kim Davis tracking new tunes and Daxton. Russell has been looking after many long term and new clients since his return - New Lovers, Big White, more Daxton, and most notably he managed to run a Live in The Studio Solo for the Halfway Homebuoy lads.

Mastering News

Andrew Beck's Red stairs has been busy as ever - 
Some sessions include Kate Miller Heidke remixes, Fleur Wiber single, Josh Clark mix and master,Men from Earth, Big White, The Dirty Earth and more.
William Bowden is back on deck and is currently head down on the new Church Album.

The Hoodoo Gurus have been back in mixing their upcoming Vinyl EP and now its being mastered by the master King Willy Bowden himself, Audio Vixen have also mixed a massive 32 track live album, and now while Russ gets some sleep Pete Holz takes the Helm for some mixing with Julian Ardas.

Andrew beck had a mastering marathon with the - 
Eye on You album
Flowertruck single
Daxton Ep
The Orange Tree single

Studio A Russ will be mixing some stuff for Kingy(Rose Tattoo)
and i'll be mixing Live FOH for the Hoodoo Gurus up north.



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