DG News - Summer 2013

Message From The Boss

After a great jaunt around the country mixing the wonderful  Sarah Blasko on the day on the green tour

its good to be back in the chair to finish off the year.

The warmer weather has got us into the summer specials vibe and we'd love to offer
some deals to finish projects for this year and also moving into 2014.
Just give us a shout at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . - Plus theres some ideas below

October /November has been overflowing with talented artists and bands coming through the doors
Sessions have included Sydney Uni faves Feicks Device, Urban Guerillas, Bluesman Daxton,
The Deep End(MLB), Antelope(Brisbane), Steve Balbi, The diva's and many more.
Many of our regular clients performed at The Sydney Blues Festival Windsor as part of the Soundslikecafe Stage
sponsored by the studio - Bob Pigott, The Broken Hands, Blake Saban 3, Ben Slip, Calling Mayday, Haflway Homebuoy
and Daniel Allars just to name a few - its been a busy time...

Marshall Cullen ~ Director


Recent Sessions

Happenings lately include Pete Holz recording Layabouts (pictured), plus a weekend producing some heavy metal,  Russ working on a new single for supergroup Bitzer - Oz Rock, Sydney Uni band Feick's Device creating some awesome sounds for their new record,  Halfway Homebuoy tracking new tunes with some fabulous guitars courtesy of Gibson Australia - (thanks heaps Clayton)...  Steve Balbi producing new sydney band 'Moon" and the fabulous Tony Mott (Photographer to the stars) used DG's as a location for a recent shoot.

The Deep End - Melbourne Boys not to be Messed with

The Deep End are a hard rock band from Melbourne who have been woo'ing fans across Australia and NZ for the past couple of years through their relentless touring and legendary live shows.
After a sold out night at Frankies Pizza in Sydney the boys dropped in to check out DG's and cut some demo's of new tunes they've been writing on the road for their 2014 album.
They will be off the Europe in Feb to tour on the back of signing to French label Bad Reputation and Management Co Teenage Head in Amsterdam. On their return it looks like they'll be cutting the new album with us-Yay!

News from the Red Stairs.

One of the big jobs recently has been The Diva's Anthology resurrected from ancient 80's formats. With a joint effort from Track n Burn/Songwriters across Australia mix master and ex band member  Paul McQueen and our own unflappableAndrew Beck  the old tunes have seen a new lease of life and will be soon off to the CD plant.
Other jobs have included some Vocals for a NIDA project, another big cleanup and fix job for a garage band orchestral project, piano and vocal duo sessions and much more mastering.

Studio Deals.

With Summer almost here we have some outstanding deals to celebrate.
The Album and EP Deal has been re structured to suit digital release with High Quality MFIT Data Masters and if you still need CD's they now
have a Cardboard Sleeve option -less plastic!

The Single Deal you get more time for the same rate and our ever popular Intro deal for new bands includes a free set up night!
We have a new Mix and Master only deal for those who have recorded at home or elsewhere...
Mastering wise there are new flat rates for summer plus album and ep master rates
Of course we try to be as flexible as possible and can mix n match services to suit your needs, just call or email

P-02 9331 0666
E- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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