Tape Restoration

A ftting image of DG's Studio A Circa 1985 when some of these tapes below were being created - Current Owner/Director Marshall Cullen on the board in his Early Studio Engineer days.

Theres been some next to impossible restoration jobs recently that actually came off in the end against all odds. A bunch of Glide 2” tapes for a documentary project had to be baked and transferred, but having been labelled, recorded, and stored properly from a professional studio it went without a hitch.  The restoration is mainly for a new doco which will pay tribute to one of the countries much loved bands sadly cut short by William Arthur’s passing. see preview here

Secondly a 30 year old ½” tape we were told was 8 track, but ended up being 16 track, no other details. After baking and finding a machine that would play it that’s now safely loaded up onto HD as Wav’s. Then the next one really was an even older ½” 8 track. Nic Dalton of Half a Cow kindly hired us his machine and again after some serious baking work and masterful patient engineering from Andrew Beck this one came up well. What we didn’t expect at the time was an old 120minute DAT to be done at the same time. It jammed in one of our decks, which had to be dismantled to get it out, and ended up with our baking guy. After a long bake(3 days) and some painstaking work cleaning DAT heads after each song he got it done.

The client had this to say 

“just writing to send my appreciation and thanks for helping me rescue these old recordings. You and everyone else involved have been awesome, thanks again!”

We are currently transferring a bunch of 80’s cassettes, they seem to be the most reliable thing so far and have’nt needed baking. Just goes to show those old tapes can be worth hanging onto and saving now the tech is there to restore them into the digital realm.



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