In The Studio Focus Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch

Heres a Q N A article all about this recent collaborative effort bewteen Steve Kilbey(The Church), Barton Price(The Models) and Gareth Koch(Ex Classical Guitar World of the Aria Winning Saphire)  courtesy of The Music.
Big Thankyou to Tony Mott who snuck in on the day in his usual casual rock n Roll fashion and took some amazing behind the scenes pics.

Answered by: Gareth Koch

In what studio did you record your most recent release? Damien Gerard Recording Studios, Sydney.

What made you choose it in the first place? Damien Gerard Recording Studios is owned and managed by one of my oldest friends, Marshall Cullen. So in many ways Damien Gerard was the obvious choice. Coincidentally though, the studio was once owned by Steve Kilbey!

When anyone with a computer can record something of studio quality, what made you still go into a studio? I recorded the instrumental parts in my home studio. But all my mixing is at Damien Gerards. However it was great to come together with Steve, Barton Price (drums), Russell Pilling (engineer) and the analogue desk!

Was there any piece of equipment or instrument in particular that the studio had that you enjoyed using? Loved the analogue desk at Damien Gerards.

Who was working with you on the recording and what did they bring to the table? It was great working with Russell Pilling and observe his seamless flow when recording/mixing/editing. A joy to watch and I learnt a lot re: my own home studio work.

Did you record pretty much live to tape or did you use some studio trickery? Yes, all live. Steve Kilbey is an experienced veteran when it comes to recording. All instruments were recorded by me back in Tas. So vox, drums and some backing vocals were all we needed.

Do you aim for perfection in the studio or more feeling or vibe when deciding to use a take? Hopefully both! It's great to have whole takes to create a realistic phrase. It's also great to have a pure take in terms of execution. The recording process allows for both. Energy matters most though.

Do you prefer analogue or digital? The analogue desk at Damien Gerards sounds amazing. While home recording offers incredible results, the sound of a great desk is special.

Did you run into any musos while you were recording? Did you swap stories/talk collabs or anything like that? Great meeting Barton Price, who I would love to work with again. Amanda Kramer from Psychedelic Furs also came to play keys.


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