Studio News April 2018


Message From The Boss

Mixing a rare unplugged performance from Dave Faulkner and Brad Shepherd headlining the Redcliff 'Rocking For The Homeless' event was a special treat last month. 
Being production manager as well with the band lineup starting at 1pm it was a long day of sorting out issues and finding solutions for the many artists and crew but well worth the effort for a great fund raising result for the cause.
Another highlight on the day was mixing Diana Anaid(pic) in full band mode on the start of her east Coast Tour.

Marshall Cullen ~ Director

New Ep and Album Deals - 
Rates have dropped for Ep and Album deals as we are now treating manufacture separately (only if required). For example a 5 day EP deal inc Mastering can now be achieved for as little as $2750+gst.

Please contact us asap so you don't miss out. email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
call 0416 143 030 or simply reply to this email.


Session Highlights

Although Russell took a well deserved Tassy break mid month plenty of sessions came through the doors for both Russ and Andrew Beck who did an excellent job of keeping rusty’s chair warm in his absence- (if you look at the image carefully you can see Andrew hard at work in reflection from the control room window).
Lily Duval (Single), Michaele Archer(vocals), Bored Shorts(Tracking), Vegas Nerves(Album) , Christina Crofts (Album Tracking), Enticer(Vocals)
Texas Strangers(tracking), 
Other sessions with Andrew included Hoodoo Gurus (live pre prod)
Phil Luces Band(pic) (new album tracking), Mark Cippriano(production), Location Recording, editing and mixing for Mercedes Benz.


Video The Mezcaltones - Humble Pride

Great song and clip from The Mezcaltones all recorded, mixed and mastered at DG's
by Russell and Andrew Beck.

Director – Sean McFerran Camera – Sean McFerran Editor – Mark Wynyard Lighting – Michael Burton Writer – Colin Porter
Check it out


Mastering and Red Stairs HIghlights

Peter Holz(pic) - sessions for these and many more
– Joel Leffler , Rory Adams, Rachel Fahim, Kayex, 

Andrew Beck various sessions and masters for
-Big Merino, Lily Duval, Mercedes Benz, Phil Luces, Hoodoo Gurus
King Willy Bowden - New Masters for - 
-Air Land Sea (Feat Lior, Tony Buchen, Nadav Khan)
Eskimo Joe –remasters vinyl
Chris Schroeder ( from The Basics) Solo Album
Four Play 
Salmonella Dub 

For any Mastering Bookings just reply to this email or use  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Production Deals (ideal for solo artists or singers who need backing tracks)

These worked well last year so worth a mention. Theres a whole range of deals available for Singles, EPs and Albums which can include Music and Audio Production, session players and /or programming as well as manufacture of CD's or Vinyl and Label Services such as Distribution, Radio Plugging and Tour Promotion. Just drop an email or call 0416 143 030 for more info.

For ALL Studio and Mastering bookings and Enquiries  contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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