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Message From The Boss

Hope everyone's Easter Break was Great! With the office now at the studio i've been lurking in the background of a few notable sessions such as The Big White upcoming album and Joel Leffler EP Produced by Pete Holz. However after seeing the sadly unsurprising results of the recent Australian Radio Content Review it has me wondering if the great new artists of today will enjoy the same longevity enjoyed by Aussie acts of the 70's and 80's who received high rotation major commercial radio to the same level that international artists do today and still have professional careers now- 40 years later?

Marshall Cullen ~ Director

Easter Special - 
the 2 for 1 deal for April is still on and theres just a few days left......
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Session Highlights

March saw a series of varied sessions of all kinds. Classical Soprano Michaele Archer worked on some vocals and cello with Russell. Russ used the Tony Visconti "3 mics gated patch" with our Neumann, ATM Ribbon and Custom Tube mic's to create a larger than life vocal sound for her. Medusas Wake finished mixing their "Mumford meets Pogues" debut album. Youth Rock Winners Noon Shift recorded new materiel with Russell. Jason from'Crosson' mixed down a live sets worth of backing tracks for the new stage show before it heads overseas. Blues guitarist, composer and singer Christina Crofts worked up some new tracks with her backing band. Bored Shorts mixed 2 new songs and finally The Vegas Nerves were back for their second EP with us, this time using Russell as engineer.

Video: Big White How did you Find Out

How Did You Find Out was recorded and mixed at Dg's by Russell last year and is from their newly released Street Talk album (Spunk Records)
A great song and clip, check it out -
Produced by Big White Directed by Spike Vincent Edited by The Supertrip Productions

Mastering and Red Stairs HIghlights

Peter Holz(pic) -has been working withIluka, Joel Leffler, Lily Duval , Volte and many more in the ever evolving Red Stairs Room

Andrew Beck a busy month of Masters for Andrew with artists including Big Merino(Album) Eamon Smith(Single), The Konrads(single), Medusas Wake(Album), Big White(DDP), 
King Willy Bowden - Of the ones we do know about Willy has completed Some New Masters for Alex the Astronaut(single), Mark Cashin(single), Doko(single), but there's bound to be plenty more as always.

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Production Deals

Quite a few of these worked well last year so we thought worth a mention. Theres a whole range of deals available for Singles, EPs and Albums which can include Music and Audio Production (if required), session players and /or programming (if required) as well as manufacture of CD's or Vinyl and Label Services such as Distribution, Radio Plugging and Tour Promotion. Just drop an email or call 0416 143030 for more info.

For ALL Studio and Mastering bookings and Enquiries  contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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