Miking Up A Drum Kit

Ever wondered exactly where to place your mics when recording a drum kit?

Over the years people have developed plenty of techniques from using only 2 to 3 mics for the whole kit right up to multiple mics on each drum. We've found that for a traditional band set up - indie, rock, country etc - where you want maximum control and minimum spill between each piece as well as room ambience, then the tried and true live/close mic’d setup works every time using dynamics on the drums and condensers for the cymbals.

As far as placement is concerned, this depends on the type of mic being used. At DG’s, workflow, vibe and performance is paramount so by using what we know works we waste no time getting a 'great drum sound fast' early in the day which inspires everyone and gets the session moving along.

Check out the photos below for mic choices and placement that you can try in your own setup. Give it a shot and when you need some help from the Pros contact us and you might be surprised at our very affordable rates.


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