Romans Vs Recording

I Have been reading some Roman History of late and have been wondering if anything has really changed  in the last 2000 years?
For example this is some of what the Romans were talking about circa 12AD - 

Traffic congested
Roads need repair
Too many tourists
Town planning given over to greedy developers
Gambling rife
War always on somewhere, always far from home with daily media updates
Slight whiff of corruption in local govt and jobs for the boys
Wine plentiful and relatively cheap
Spin and rhetoric from the poli’s every day
Religion/faith/ceremony still practiced but empty of meaning for most
Burocracy gone wild  ie-“use this form to request the form you really need “
Taxes numerous and unavoidable except for the rich .....

-----hmm sounding familiar, reads a bit like the weekend paper doesnt it?  and although they invented Fast Food, decent roads, water supply and sanitation – not to mention our current calendar and a lot of the legal and poilitical systems we still use The Romans COMPLETELY FAILED at inventing QUALITY AUDIO RECORDING.

- at least in 2000 years of ‘Progress’ we now have that-especially down at damien gerards.

Recent Sessions

Recent Sessions
May and June have seen a wealth of fine artists come through the doors, everything from Hazmat creating Metal Mayhem to EDM Mastering and Corporate Voice Overs.
Earlier in the year we had Half Moon Run from Montreal come through-heres a pic of Andrew Beck sorting them out.

The Sessions have included Maxine Kauter's new recordings with Pete Holz at the helm, Andrew Beck working with Scott Bird on a donation song for a Buddhist Event, New Sydney Indie Band Mezko spent a weekend with Russ working on their New EP, Winterstation and Throwdown also worked with Russell.


Andrew Read and his band  spent a few days with Russ Mixing their new album soon to be mastered by Andrew, Warren from Torchsong is cutting some of his own Piano Tracks this week as well as Stars of Addiction starting their new USA release with Rusty.-plenty of mastering too-some EDM stuff, Bob Pigott, Calling Mayday, Mark Cashin's Eyesound Compilation, 



New Website - Boom

Well after a years of service that went above and beyond the call of duty, it was deemed time to retire the old studio website with an honourable discharge. This means it has made way for this shiny new website that you are currently looking at. Interestingly, the blog will be a great place to find production tips, recording tricks and general information for musicians and engineers alike. 


Read more: New Website - Boom

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