Relocation Press Release

One of Sydney’s oldest and most iconic music recording studios relocates to the Central Coast. 

Damien Gerard Studios has been established since the mid 1980’s and holds a special place in the heart and soul of the Australian Music Scene. The early days in Ultimo were spent nurturing bands such as Spy Vs Spy, Hoodoo Gurus, The Church, Died Pretty and International Producers such as Kevin Shirley, Randy Jackson, Jack Endino to name a few. Then after moving to Balmain for the past 18 years supporting new artists such as Big White, Sunscreen, Evan Dando(Lemonheads), Ken Stringfellow (REM, The Posies) and of course many others have come through the doors in the 30+ year history.
Changes to the existing building in Balmain in June this year required the historical studio to be relocated. They say timing is everything and this need for relocation has resulted in a new partnership being formed starting a new chapter in DG’s story. The iconic studio has found a new home 1 hour North of Sydney in West Gosford, just off the M1 Motorway.
The New Address is
19 Grieve Road (formerly Grieve Close)
West Gosford 2250

Marshall Cullen said
"It’s been coming for a while. I’ve been living on the central coast for nearly 15 years now. The increasing development, high density housing pressure and high traffic volume in Sydney has accelerated in recent times. It really did feel like we needed to take the studio to the next level and in a more suitable and relaxed location. Following a recommendation, I met with Jason and inspected the West Gosford site and it was the obvious way to go. I finally get to realise my dream studio."
Jason Stenning said
“After meeting Marshall and showing him the site it was clear that our interests and goals were aligned and it was quickly decided that my prized man cave and studio space would be developed into the new DG’s complex. When I look back I literally made the decision within an hour of meeting Marshall. His passion for the industry and love of music was obvious and I was sold on the idea immediately. Fast forward to today and the site has morphed into an amazing and unique space. Stay tuned for the official opening date and ensuing industry launch parties”         

The new facility will maintain the original equipment, plenty of new additions and of course the friendly DG’s Vibe. Everyone’s favourite couch or two will still be sticking around. A huge range of vintage equipment has been added including some amazing microphones including one of the rarest mics on the planet – a one off AKG ELA M 251: the actual factory calibration microphone from the Telefunken Plant, Neumann U87, Neumann Original 1960's M49, U47w as well as a host of Vintage Backline and Instruments including electric guitars (Gibson: Les Paul’s, Explorer, SG, Fender: Strats, Scorpion, Jaguar plus others). Also available are some beautiful vintage acoustic guitars such asGibson J45, numerous Guilds, a healthy range of Matons, Cole Clark, Martin D28and a host of other instruments as well as a brand new Kawai Upright Piano.

With an ‘open for bookings’ date set for October 1stand bookings already starting there will be more updates to come so stay tuned.

New Location

We can officially announce that the moving stage to the new premises is complete and the gear is being reinstalled along with the classic couches, wall hangings, crazy lamps and general DG's vibe - even the Cobra is up there.All is running to the schedule and we'll be re open for bookings from October. 

New location is  
19 Grieve Road – West Gosford -2250

Out of town yes, but very near the freeway about 1 hour from cbd not in peak hour –  In fact its also exactly 30minutes from the door of Turramurra Music. Its going to be the ultimate upgrade while still retaining the same feel of Balmain and Ultimo before it. Its actually realizing my dream studio -we have so much space- live room is 14m's x 8m's with a 4.7m ceiling-used to be a TV studio,   around 4 times the size of Balmain. Once I saw the space I couldn’t say no. Stay Tuned for more updates.

Tape Restoration

A ftting image of DG's Studio A Circa 1985 when some of these tapes below were being created - Current Owner/Director Marshall Cullen on the board in his Early Studio Engineer days.

Theres been some next to impossible restoration jobs recently that actually came off in the end against all odds. A bunch of Glide 2” tapes for a documentary project had to be baked and transferred, but having been labelled, recorded, and stored properly from a professional studio it went without a hitch.  The restoration is mainly for a new doco which will pay tribute to one of the countries much loved bands sadly cut short by William Arthur’s passing. see preview here

Secondly a 30 year old ½” tape we were told was 8 track, but ended up being 16 track, no other details. After baking and finding a machine that would play it that’s now safely loaded up onto HD as Wav’s. Then the next one really was an even older ½” 8 track. Nic Dalton of Half a Cow kindly hired us his machine and again after some serious baking work and masterful patient engineering from Andrew Beck this one came up well. What we didn’t expect at the time was an old 120minute DAT to be done at the same time. It jammed in one of our decks, which had to be dismantled to get it out, and ended up with our baking guy. After a long bake(3 days) and some painstaking work cleaning DAT heads after each song he got it done.

The client had this to say 

“just writing to send my appreciation and thanks for helping me rescue these old recordings. You and everyone else involved have been awesome, thanks again!”

We are currently transferring a bunch of 80’s cassettes, they seem to be the most reliable thing so far and have’nt needed baking. Just goes to show those old tapes can be worth hanging onto and saving now the tech is there to restore them into the digital realm.


Big Merino-Sweet Little Angel SMH Review

Entirely Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Damien Gerard's by Russell Pilling and Andrew Beck

It has long been an orthodoxy that second albums are more problematic than debut offerings. Here's the exception. If Big Merino's debut, Suburban Wildlife, was scattergun in its approach, this is a tour de force of, for want of a better term, classy adult rock, funk, soul and pop. It's the kind of music Jo Camilleri and Van Morrison see as their bailiwick: a clever and sophisticated blend of heart-stopping gospel-style harmonies (I Watched the Light), and classy lead vocals (courtesy of Stuart Davis, a long-time member of Sydney-based choral masters Cafe of the Gate of Salvation).

Instrumental features include beautiful interplay between acoustic and electric guitar (the title track is seductive); searing guitar solos from Alex Craig (I Lay Me Down); delicious horns courtesy of James Greening (Satellite) and some pulsating funkiness on This Song and Living in the Past.

Oh, yes, and there is an astonishingly good reading (with blistering guitar solos) of Neil Young's Ohio. The result is a deeply satisfying collection of songs which, while they defy any easy categorisation, sit happily at the richly mature end of popular music. Hear them at Marrickville Bowling Club, July 27. Bruce Elder

In The Studio Focus Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch

Heres a Q N A article all about this recent collaborative effort bewteen Steve Kilbey(The Church), Barton Price(The Models) and Gareth Koch(Ex Classical Guitar World of the Aria Winning Saphire)  courtesy of The Music.
Big Thankyou to Tony Mott who snuck in on the day in his usual casual rock n Roll fashion and took some amazing behind the scenes pics.

Answered by: Gareth Koch

In what studio did you record your most recent release? Damien Gerard Recording Studios, Sydney.

What made you choose it in the first place? Damien Gerard Recording Studios is owned and managed by one of my oldest friends, Marshall Cullen. So in many ways Damien Gerard was the obvious choice. Coincidentally though, the studio was once owned by Steve Kilbey!

When anyone with a computer can record something of studio quality, what made you still go into a studio? I recorded the instrumental parts in my home studio. But all my mixing is at Damien Gerards. However it was great to come together with Steve, Barton Price (drums), Russell Pilling (engineer) and the analogue desk!

Was there any piece of equipment or instrument in particular that the studio had that you enjoyed using? Loved the analogue desk at Damien Gerards.

Who was working with you on the recording and what did they bring to the table? It was great working with Russell Pilling and observe his seamless flow when recording/mixing/editing. A joy to watch and I learnt a lot re: my own home studio work.

Did you record pretty much live to tape or did you use some studio trickery? Yes, all live. Steve Kilbey is an experienced veteran when it comes to recording. All instruments were recorded by me back in Tas. So vox, drums and some backing vocals were all we needed.

Do you aim for perfection in the studio or more feeling or vibe when deciding to use a take? Hopefully both! It's great to have whole takes to create a realistic phrase. It's also great to have a pure take in terms of execution. The recording process allows for both. Energy matters most though.

Do you prefer analogue or digital? The analogue desk at Damien Gerards sounds amazing. While home recording offers incredible results, the sound of a great desk is special.

Did you run into any musos while you were recording? Did you swap stories/talk collabs or anything like that? Great meeting Barton Price, who I would love to work with again. Amanda Kramer from Psychedelic Furs also came to play keys.

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