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Russ has been engineering for over 25 years and has worked with Grimskunk, Hoodoo Gurus, Yothu Yindi, Radio Birdman, Pete 'lucky' Luscombe (Rockwiz), The Vines , Ghostwriters, Died Pretty, Jon Stevens, The Church, The Cruel Sea just to name a few artists, and most recently in 2015; Noiseworks (2015 New Album), Steve Balbi Black Rainbow (Album), Moon, Mi Sex (2015 New Album), Hoodoo Gurus "Gravy Train EP" (Sony), Sinead Burgess (ABC/Universal) and Big White (Caroline/Universal).

He has worked with Australian produceers such as Paul Mckercher, Wayne Connolly, Chris Townsend, Mike Stavrou, Tim Powles plus renowned international producers such as Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Steeley Dan), Nick Launay (Silverchair), Charles Fisher (Savage Garden), Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith), Warne Livesey (Midnight Oil), Randy Jackson (Billy Idol, American idol), Paul Palmer (Bush, No Doubt), Jack Endino (Nirvana) and Dave Holman (Gwen Stefani, The Nelsons).

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and heres an excerpt from a  recent Interview with Russ T Rok Himself

 What do you do? 

I am Chief Engineer at DG’s in Balmain, running mci 2”, pro tools, tonnes of analog, classic analog 1985 soundcraft board with very much it’s own character I might add ...
I mainly do albums and big lockouts....

How have you come to be in your position today? What road did you travel to get there?

I Started out playing guitar in Tassy, then moved to Adelaide where I became interested in recording. Upon moving to Sydney I set up a 4 track in the basement of my share house, which was luckily full of musicians. Once I felt I had the basics I approached Marshall from Damien Gerard Studios, who I knew from Tasmania. My first job at Damien Gerard was painting the studios, then night manager as we had rehearsals back then in the old facility. I got to play around in the studio by myself during those times if it was empty. This experience, in addition to assisting on real sessions, gave me solid grounding in the recording and engineering process.

In those days there were no audio engineering schools, it was all learn on the job which is essential I think. People skills are the most important thing anyway and you can’t learn that in a school.

Once I had graduated to doing my own sessions, Marshall became rather busy overseas touring and producing so I quickly stepped up to fill the role of chief engineer. Aside from some freelancing in the 90’s, working at places like the old 301, Sing Sing, Megaphon, etc I’ve been here at Damien Gerard. . I’ve had a lot to do with gear selection and room tuning over the years and have got a pretty comfortable set up that I’m now happy with.






Starting out in the intense music recording scene on the USA west coast throughout the 90's , Andrew worked in various capacities with the likes of Soundgarden recording "Superunknown", Delicious Vinyl, Bad Animals Studios Seattle, Ocean Way Studios and MCA Music Publishing in house Studios and Trauma Records, among others.

Since relocating to Sydney in 2000, he has worked with Paul Kelly (Mastering), Kate Miller Heidke (Mastering), The Stoics, Mental As Anything, Epicure, Sulo, Grinspoon, Modular Lounge, Josh Abrahams/Amiel and lots more.

And a few more credits from discogs here

Heres some of Andrews favourite Gear tips from his rig-

UNIVERSAL AUDIO LA-610 mic pre/compressor
Lovely harmonic richness and texture - amazing on bass guitar and great on vocals too.
COLES 4038 ribbon mics (pair)
The old standby. In X/Y these just seem to reach out and grab the sounds. Very natural and take EQ well. I just wish they weren't so fragile
Great take on the classic SSL bus compressor, with a sidechain high pass. This more or less lives on my mix bus.
API 550A EQ (pair)
Classics for a reason. Love these EQs.





 Peter joined the Damien Gerard Studio team in 2005 . Since joining the team, he has become one of our most sought after engineers, providing world class clarity and quality in his work.
In 2010 Peter attended an invitation-only music production masterclass in the south of France hosted by legendary producer/engineer David Kahne (Paul McCartney, The Strokes, Lana Del Ray) and revolutionary mixing engineer, Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones). Here he learnt invaluable songwriting, production and mixing techniques from two iconic industry leaders.

Further on down the track, Peter gets the call to work at Sony Music Australia as an in-house engineer / producer which has seen him work with major label artists such as Olly Murs, Delta Goodrem, Gang Of Youths, The Veronicas, Carmada, Pusha T, Jessica Mauboy and many others.

In 2015 Peter was nominated for the 'Engineer Of The Year' ARIA award in recognition of his work on the debut album from Gang Of Youths 'The Positions' and the single 'Radioface'

Peter can also be found making music at The Grove Studios under the direction of Australian music icon Scott Horscroft (The Presets, Silverchair, Alison Wonderland)

Peter prides himself on musical and engineering excellence and believes in living and breathing music no matter what.

Peter also holds a Master’s degree in Audio and Acoustics from The University of Sydney and is an Avid Certified Instructor for Pro Tools.  For More details see http://www.peterholz.com/about/






Adrian Breakspear

Adrian Breakspear is a freelance producer, engineer, mixer, and Pro Tools operator. During his 10 years experience working in professional studios in London, Adrian worked at Miloco (where he was based for 6 years), Strongroom, ICP (Belgium), Battery, Sphere, Abbey Road, Linear (Sydney), 2kHz, and The Dairy, amongst others.Adrian is also an in house engineer at Sony Studios(Sydney)



see credits on discogs 






Marshall Cullen

Live Front Of House Sound and Tour Management (Major acts only) including: 
Tour Preproduction, Studio Producing and Logistics, Live Show Recording and Remixing.

  • Real Estate (NYC) - Australian Tour 2015
  • Jens Lekman (Sweden) - Australian Tour 2013
  • Active Child (LA) - Australian Tour 2012
  • Lloyd Cole 2014
  • Sunnyboys-2013/2014-current
  • Paul Kelly-various tours current
  • Kev Carmody 2015-current
  • Bob Dylan Tour
  • Leonard Cohen Tour
Hoodoo Gurus Local and International-current
Something For Kate  - Murmur Years Tour
Sarah Blasko

 - various tours-current inc Sting /Paul Simon 2015
  • Ball Park Music-2014-current
  • Shane Nicholson-2014-current


See Studio Producer  credits on Discog



WILLIAM BOWDEN (Grammy winner 2013)

William Bowden has enjoyed an extraordinary career in mastering. From the early days at 301 studio's where he established his name, to vinyl cutting and chief mastering engineer at Festival Studios for many years. William now resides in his world renowned suite in Launceston-Tasmania -  Since moving to his own suite he has furthered his amazing career even further. William received a Grammy award for his work on Gotye's album - Making Mirrors. (Record of the year 2013)

For more info, check the mastering page. 


To see William's extensive mastering credits, check his Discog's profile







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