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Damien Gerard Studios is a full service professional recording studio that has worked with some of the worlds most prominent artists, bands and corporate clients over the last 30 years. Featuring a large main studio, live room with isolation booths, Control Room with classic analog console and 2” tape machine as well as the new "Red Stairs Room" adding mastering and voice over capability in a separate suite.


The studio has seen album, EP, single and demo projects from all levels of talent, ranging from professional touring acts to budding singers. With outstanding guaranteed results delivered every time Damien Gerard Studio's is the perfect place to record your next project. 

Damien Gerard Studio's we are more than just a room with some equipment in it. We go above and beyond the service offered by other studios. Offering a complete service from recording to pressed CD's or Vinyl with completed artwork plus digital distribution and radio media key distribution. 



Damien Gerard Studios is one of the most established studios in Sydney. Founded in 1982 by Luke Gerard Everingham and Adam Damien Everingham. The facility began as one recording studio and three rehearsal rooms in the Old Wool Store Warehouse on the corner of William Henry and Wattle St in Ultimo. 

In 1985 Marshall Cullen and David Sykes took over ownership of the facility. During this time Russell Pilling began his long standing role as chief engineer, after being trained by Marshall, Russell is still currently the chief engineer to this day. In 1990 Elia Green became partner taking over from David Sykes . Over the next few years recording became the main function and two of the rehearsal rooms were upgraded to another recording studio.

During this time many well known engineers trained at Damien Gerard Studios and went on to work in the industry including David Trump, Nick Hartley, Michael Woodcock, David Springer and Steve Coull




Tim Powles, Nick Launay, Kevin Shirley, John Bee, Charles Fisher, Wayne Connolly, Paul McKercher, Rob Younger, Simon Holmes, Nick Dalton, all either brought sessions in or worked out of the facility during this time and many continue to bring sessions through the doors today.

International prodcuers have included Jack Endino, Randy Jackson, Skunk Baxter, Gus van Go, Adrian Breakspear, Luke Gordon, Steve James, Paul Palmer.



In 1997 Charring Cross studios moved their Neve/Studer control room into the one remaining rehearsal studio creating three recording studios in the one complex. In 1999 the Ultimo building was closed for development and the studio moved temporarily to the Festival Studios building in Pyrmont. 

In  2001 The original Electric Avenue building on Mullens St in Balmain (designed and built by Sydney Studio Legend Phil Punch and home to The Church for many years))became available, and  the studio found a new permanent location.  The premises now houses two rooms, the iconic Studio A which has one large live room and three separate booths as well as The Red Stairs Room - a mastering/mixing suite with a vocal booth.

NEW- 2019
We can officially announce that the moving stage to the new premises is complete and the gear is being reinstalled along with the classic couches, wall hangings, crazy lamps and general DG's vibe - even the Cobra is up there.All is running to the schedule and we'll be re open for bookings from October. 

New location is  
19 Grieve Road – West Gosford -2250

Out of town yes, but very near the freeway about 1 hour from cbd not in peak hour –  In fact its also exactly 30minutes from the door of Turramurra Music. Its going to be the ultimate upgrade while still retaining the same feel of Balmain and Ultimo before it. Its actually realizing my dream studio -we have so much space- live room is 14m's x 8m's with a 4.7m ceiling-used to be a TV studio,   around 4 times the size of Balmain. Once I saw the space I couldn’t say no. Stay Tuned for more updates.





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