At Damien Gerard we offer two alternatives, Premium mastering with Grammy Award winning William Bowden, who was the mastering engineer on Gotye's latest album featuring "somebody that I used to know" or for the artist who needs to keep to a budget, we also offer our entry level – Red Stairs marketing package. Call for us today for a price

Recording & Mixing

Aside from the classic combination of old-world analog and the latest Pro Tools Digital recording facilities, here you'll find an in-house production team, consisting of some of the countries longest running recording engineers who have worked with everything from chart topping artists to unsigned acts.

Voice Overs

"Damien Gerard Studios offers a convenient way to record voice overs for everything from promotional clips through to movie narration. With crystal clear recording equipment we have the equipment and expertise necessary for your voice over requirements"


Combining old school analogue warmth with the latest in digital recording technology, we have the tools to produce some of the best recording quality in the world. Click here for full equipment list.

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Our engineers have been in the industry for up to 20 years and have worked with some of the best in music history. Just take a look at some testimonials.

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Damien Gerard Studio's is home to some of the most advanced recording equipment in the world, combined with a wide range of mic's we have what you need. Check our equipment list for further info.

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Record with Us

Your music is your art. At Damien Gerard we have the most skilled Engineers using the very best equipment to give you a world class sound for your recording.


Master with the Masters

At Damien Gerard we know how important great mastering is, hence why we use Grammy winner William Bowden and other first class mastering engineers to complete your recording process.

  • Get a first class album or EP
  • Access to our publishing partners
  • Top quality advice for your next steps
  • Monthly Damien Gerard info mailout
  • Access to recording artists specials & promos
  • Professional consulting offers for our artists


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One of the countries longest running audio studios, Damien Gerard Studio's has cemented itself as a premier establishment for all mixing and mastering projects.

Combining classic analogue with new world digital recording equipment, as well as engineers with decades of combined experience, who else would you trust with the next step in your music career? 


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